Wednesday 3 May 2017


Okay so… Skinade update!

I’m about 7 days or so into the trail (not even half way, I know) and the biggest change I can see? My hair! My hair feels little thicker and longer. This also may sound crazy but I feel like my eye lashes feel and look longer and thicker too. I sent Samantha at Bel Viso a little message to check I wasn't going insane. (Is this in my head?! Can this even be a thing??) It’s probably now that I’m really starting to feel and see a small difference but as I said, its mainly in my hair at the moment! I don't have short lashes anyway, but I'm almost certain they look thicker and fuller around my eye lid. I had the same amount of mascara on today as I always do using same product I've used for months...

(Yes, my eyebrows are gross at the moment. They are GROWING!)
Skin? Still the same for me at the moment... My usual routine has not changed.  I have to admit, it feels nice knowing my body is finally getting some vitamins. It's a quick and easy way in ensuring I get my dose of daily goodness, if nothing else. Anyway, more updates coming soon over the next week from me.

In terms of my skin... Skinade is meant to help the appearance of scars. I have a small scar on my hand just on my thumb (from the oven cooking, ouuuuch!) and I can still see it... I don't think it's helped but I will carry on taking pictures daily to see and upload the progress so you guys can be the judge!

Remember if you're interested in this product, for more details, head to the Bel Viso website!


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