Monday 9 September 2013

Music | LOVE BASED MUSIC | Review

Making a conscious effort to keep this blog updated with more reviews on music and fashion. I always tend to hold back on reviews and such as I know often people can disagree but here it goes anyway! Over the past few weeks I have been posting a number of different things I can not stop listening to and I made a point of posting an amazing track by Damiano von Erckert. The track comes from the brand new album Love Based Music, which was released earlier this month. The album is a mix of everything from house to funk. There are some interesting people who also feature on the album, MCDE as well as, Georgia Anne Muldrow with some amazing vocals. Her voice complements the album terrifically. The vocals are soulful and the whole sound of the album is fun and disco. A terrific album for the post summer season, I could not recommend this to anyone enough. 


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