Monday 8 May 2017


As you will all know by now, I am doing the Skinade trail with Bel Viso. I am currently just under two weeks of the 30 day course and I have to say, so far I am SO impressed with how the product has made my hair look and feel. At the weekend someone even told me how well my hair is looking!!!! I am totally over the moon. My lashes and brows are growing and it feels so nice. As I said before, it feels good getting the goodness my body needs from these drinks too.

However, as for my skin, the redness on my cheeks is still a little visible, but it is feeling really soft. (Is that down to Skinade, I'm not sure? Maybe I will notice more of a difference towards the end of the course) Anyway, I'm a little under half way so hopefully I will see some more changes in my skin soon... My skin routine has NOT changed at all during this course of Skinade. I can't stress that enough right now. I am finding it very hard to keep getting my pictures in the same light every single evening but anyway, below is my make-up-free-face 10 days in.

I find the drinks so easy to take. I love having them cold. I have to admit, I find it really hard sticking to a certain time to have them every day. I've been having mine just as I get in from work or after my shower on an evening. I drink mine straight from the bottle just for quickness.


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