Sunday 30 April 2017


As I'm working alongside Bel Viso and Skinade, I thought this would be a the perfect time to to write about the current products I use on my face. As I said in my previous post, I have a realllly simple skin routine and I don't spend a fortune on fancy creams. There are somethings for me which are worth spending a little but more money on. I really like to have a nice foundation and primer as they're the base for my the rest of my whole make-up. I've really tried to use a high street brand for my foundation, I've searched for the perfect one, but they just don't compare to the high end brands, IMO anyway! (FYI: I am by no means a 'make up snob',  much of my make up is a mixture of Revlon, MUA and Benefit, these are just the little bits I like to treat myself to!)

Cream: L'oreal, Age Perfect  
As someone pointed out to me, 'You don't have wrinkles, why are you using this?' - I use this because it makes my skin SO, SO soft and has a lovely rose gold tint to it. I tried this when I first went on holiday last year and it looked so lovely on my tanned face, so I went and bough a full size tub. The texture is amazing, it's not greasy, smells nice and has a slight, slight sparkle to it AND it's less than £10!!! This is my ultimate, go to face cream. I can't recommend it enough. 

Primer: Guerlain Météorites Base 
Last year I came across the brand, Gerlain. The French cosmetic brand has make-up and a perfume range and their products are AMAZING. I had a small sample of two of their foundations, they were weightless and did not go patchy over the day, so I thought I'd try their primer.  It has a pink tint to it and I could not be without it. This bottle has lasted me 5, almost 6 months and it's totally worth the money. The texture is like a gel and drys on the surface of your skin. With it's gold, pink, blue and green hues, it helps to get rid of the appear of any blemishes. This product also smells like those purple ultra violet sweets. Coming in at £47, okay... it IS expensive (for me at least) but as I said, it has lasted almost half the year and is worth that little splurge. 

Foundation: Guerlain Lingerie de Peau 
Another bit of kit from Guerlain! I've only recently tried this foundation. Before this I was using YSL but I found it so thick on my face, when I had used the full bottle I wanted to swap it for something else. Both foundations offer full coverage, but I find this Guerlain to be that much more natural looking on my face and doesn't leave it feeling really greasy and horrible at the end of the day. Like the rest of the products I've sampled, this foundation also smells amazing... I don't know how, but it does!? 


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