Saturday 15 April 2017


I love social media and the way we are able to find new brands, products and services we may not always hear about via word of mouth. Executed well, social media allows us to connect to a whole new world. A world of creatives, people with a story and people with so much to share. It’s the side of social media that I totally adore and makes me enjoy what I do. We’re all publishers and content creators in our own right. I’ve found so many bloggers, stylists and even magazines through the power of Instagram.

When I came across Leipzig based, Chair Me Up, I instantly fell in love. The soft pink 70s style sofa had me. I was in love with their pieces and right away and I sent an email to the team asking what their story was.

“Certain furniture classics make my heart beat faster”

The creative force being the brand is Kaitlin. Her mission is clear: to give furniture another 30 years of life. Katlin started last summer professionally as an upholsterer, where she worked to rebuild old, unloved, unused, furniture. Since, she now has her own store and studio. The store is open just 1 day a week and the first Saturday of every month, you can also book my appointment.

Kaitlin likes her work to remain authentic; meaning the wooden pieces are sanded and treated only with high quality, natural oils. Katilin sets out to ensure the furniture doesn't lose it’s original characteristics.

Many of the pieces she works on still have fully working suspension which are robust and durable. Where possible, Kaitlin will not re-work something which is perfect in it’s original, raw, natural self.

‘In my work, the main thing is to create a link between old and new, to emphasize and underscore timeless, unique forms using modern materials and reinterpretation. My enthusiasm for the formative language of late art nouveau, art deco, Scandinavian designs and many classics from the 50s, 60s and 70s is reflected in the selection of the pieces of furniture to be restored.”


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