Tuesday 6 August 2013


Trying my hardest not to neglect this blog any more... And I'm pretty sure people on my twitter and facebook are increasingly hating me more and more with my endless song posting. So from now on, I will do (most) of it on here. This track for me, sums up summer. Makes me want to go to a beach, drink and dance.

''Born at the end of the 80's in Germany, Damiano listened to the sound of Strictly Rhythm, West End Records, Nite Grooves, etc. because of his father, who was a 90's House and Blackmusic dj. His DJ sets are made up of classic House, Techno, Disco, Soul and Funk. Influenced by the sound of his childhood he founded his label "ava." in 2011. It´s not only a label but a collective of Cologne`s House music scene. 

"ava." brings a lot of House & Techno artists like Christopher Rau, Lowtec, Murat Tepeli, Andy Vaz, Funkycan, Ugly Drums etc. together and provides a platform for joint projects and new ideas.''


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